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What is a wetland?

BillabongWetlands are areas of permanent or seasonal water. They can be swamps, billabongs, rivers, creeks or lakes.

Each wetland contains its own plant and animal communities which depend on being under water permanently or periodically.

In Central and Northern Victoria, wetlands fall into two distinct types:

  • Rivers, creeks and drainage lines of Central Victoria
  • Shallow lakes and swamps of the northern plains

Click here to see a list of plants suitable for wetlands or aquatic planting.

Artificial wetlands have been used as biological filters for decades to clean water by removing fine sediment in addition to nutrients such as phosphate.

With suitable design and management they can also remove iron, heavy metals and other industrial pollutants.

While expert advice may be necessary to design a wetland for the removal of industrial pollutants, any wetland will improve the quality of water passed through it, with obvious benefit to the environment.

How can I restore or establish a wetland?

plants in waterBefore establishing/re-establishing the indigenous aquatic plant community, it is desirable to remove any inappropriate weeds.

If any earth works are conducted, particularly for the construction of a dam or establishment of a new wetland or biological filter, topsoil must be kept separate and spread on the surface before flooding.

Adding suitable nutrients such as blood and bone and organic matter will assist in producing healthy vigorous plant growth.

How do I plant wetland plants?

Wetland plants depend on being in water, some all the time and others seasonally. Therefore they should only be planted when the area has water in it.

This is normally the case in spring but may be achieved at other times with extra watering. Some plants are planted into wet ground, while others are planted under water.

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