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Select from over 2000 native plant species, some rare and endangered stocked by Goldfields Revegetation:

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First select a `bio-region' or other area or origin and then one or more characteristics from the list below - please note the more boxes you check the less chance of finding plants that will meet all your search criteria.
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Plant Catalogue

All plants are labeled with their provenance. We grow a large range of Australian native plants from throughout Australia which will grow well in South Eastern Australia and an ever changing range of challenging plants for plant collectors. We have been careful to exclude those plants that are considered to be environmental weeds.


A bio-region is an area of broadly similar indigenous flora and fauna. It is essentially the biological reflection of physical aspects of the area such as climate, soils and the underlying geology.

Our plants are propogated from seeds and cuttings collected from many provenances within 3 bio-regions in Central & Northern Victoria.

All plants in our catalogue are labelled with their provenance. The map below shows the regions our plants are propagated from and the colour codes used throughout this website.

Map showing the regions from which GR collect seeds and cuttings.

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