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Landscaping – A Sense of Place

As gardeners in a dry climate, we face a range of challenges. Plant selection goes a long way to help drought proof the garden, but even the toughest plants may fail if ground preparation has not been
carried out correctly.

It is all in the preparation - click here to download our 'Prepare for Success' native plant soil preparation guide (PDF 111Kb).

water birdLandscaping with Australian plants and, in particular, indigenous plants has become increasingly popular as we are coming to embrace the concept of living in the Australian environment as it exists, rather than trying to create a European atmosphere in our gardens.

People are becoming evermore comfortable with this “Sense of Place, ” in which a garden is a reflection of the vegetation in the surrounding natural bushland, a constant and pleasurable reminder of our unique Australian environment.

Apart from these aesthetic emotional and environmental aspects, there are sound practical reasons for considering landscaping with indigenous plants, as these species are suited to the local environment including soils and can withstand drought, flood and frost, while their demands on our most precious (and limited) resource-water- is minimal.

Search our on-line catalogue for plants you can use to landscape your garden ...

The bonus is birds and wildlife at your doorstep.


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